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Is this is going to be expensive?

No matter how you look at it, everything has a dollar amount. When it comes to technology you have to think about cost and reliability. Ask yourself WWJD? Seriously, what would Jesus do if. he had the opportunity to reach millions of people weekly, create relationships with families across the world and be able to produce a product that's engaging and community focused.

Whats your budget?

My perfect video stream set up starts with

*Blackmagic Pocket 4k cameras

*Blackmagic ATEM switcher

*Three zoom lens with stabilization

This set up alone comes to about $8,000.00 and doesn't include installation, a computer, monitors to view live feed. This is the start to my perfect set up, but this doesn't mean that every churches set up needs to be this extravagant.

"A professional will tell you exactly what it is you need and can help you save money. Consulting a non-professional can cause you to not get the correct equipment and waste money." - Chauncey B. audio engineer to celebrities

Who's consulting you?

The conversation around what to purchase is going to determine the budget and the person consulting you about the equipment needed. Ive seen churches jump to purchase equipment that no one knows how to operate, add high end cameras with terrible lighting, add to much light or even the wrong temperature of lighting and my favorite adding a bunch of screen around the church thinking that will draw people in. Long story short I've seen churches try and copy styles of production done by other churches with massive budgets. You have to find a professional that's familiar with these types of upgrades so that the investment made is smart not wasteful.

Who's. operating?

Most of the time the operators are volunteers who have couple hours a week to dedicate to creating content , operating live stream & engaging with online listeners. This ends up being a one person production team and ITS NOT EASY. This person needs to think fast on there feet, some tech savvy background & patients, lots of patients. Who's ever operating making sure that they train others is the key to being a great production leader. For any pastors, leaders of the church out there reading this, offer some type of monetary stipend to whoever volunteering. Which leads me to .............

Where do you see your ministry in 10 years?

Lets say your not that focused on video streaming and believe that people will come into the church for worship and offering a digital footprint isn't a big priority? I would stop you and say " please rethink this". We are in the future & currently with out a digital footprint your ministry could fail. During 2020 quarantine houses of worship closed left and right becasue they didn't adapt fast enough. Don't be the next church that closes "CREATE A PLAN".

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