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Think outside the box

We have talked about social media engagement, streaming options and other ways of adding to the worship experience. What if your ministry created short movies to tell the story of the pastors previous messages or created some type of commentary during the week like stand up, concerts, live sheds ( sheds are music jam sessions where musicians just vibe out). The point is what if people engaged with your content like they do with Netflix and Hulu?

The concept of telling story starts with a story. the Bible is full of stories that are told weekly from the pulpit. These story help those listening and watching get through there week, a break up and death. I remember my home church putting on plays when I was younger and how young and old was represented in the story line.

It’s about bridging the gap. No longer is it about just a multi-cultural growth track but it’s also about creating an environment where the multi-generational church can thrive. - Kyle M. One LA Church

Creating also doesn't mean you need the top equipment. iPhone 13 currently has a better ISO than some hand held cameras. Allow the experience to determine the outcome. The church body needs to continue to do more to connect with those they've forgotten about.

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