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Are you streaming?

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Imagine being at home not being able to be apart of your churches worship experience! Frustration & disappointed set in, but then you start browsing the web for services you can be apart of. You start watching and you continue watching, now its a new week and you toon back in to the same online broadcast. At this point another church has your attention and you forget about your local church.

Streaming Helps bring in new membership

10 years ago when I first introduced the idea of streaming to my home church. It was a bit of a struggle, why? There where money questions, who's going to operate and how is adding this going to help push the ministry forward.

“It saved our ministry.Streaming our services opened our church for people to have an in church experience without being there." Ministry Larnel Satchell

- Different camera angles

- engagement during service

- live communication

- department connections outside of services

Its the church mission to reach and engage people around the world no matter of background or race. On average, people in the United States across all age groups check their phones 46 times per day Think about it there is 168 hours in a week but only 2-3 of those hours are spent in a building. Live streaming allows for everyone to engage at anytime of the week.

Streaming Keeps everyone connected

When live streams are in progress there are chat windows ( Facebook , Youtube, Instagram, website ) that allows for everyone to interact during broadcast. Its great because it allows to easily monitor conversations and engage with members. If there are questions asked like " what's the scripture" it can easily be typed in directly to the user.

“Prerecording, creating additional visuals, creating content for both in service and on line audience. Streaming has caused us to tighten up and present more of a professional offering" Streaming has stretched out thinking about taking the gospel farther. - Stephen Wilson Worship Leader

But what about the in-person experience?

One of the common questions and concerns about streaming is that it will take away or distract from the in-person audience at church. We have to look at streaming as a tool and this tool was never meant to replace the in-person experience. Its best to see this tool as a opportunity to engage with a wider audience to demonstrate that you understand the complexity of their lives and hopes that this will help them through lives challenges.


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